FREE HempfieldRec Membership for Active Duty MIlitary

06/19/2018 by Manager

Hempfield recCenter Offers FREE One-Month Memberships to Active Duty Military Personnel

Hempfield recCenter, 950 Church Street in Landisville, is grateful for the personal sacrifices made by members of our active military. As a thank you for their selfless dedication, the nonprofit organization invites active duty military personnel home on leave to use the facility free for 30 days.

The one-month-long membership, provides Marines, soldiers, airmen and sailors full access to its fitness center, indoor and outdoor pools, group exercise classes and full-court basketball gym. It is Hempfield recCenter’s way of saying thank you to our men and women in uniform.

For more information about this free community service, contact the membership office at 717-898-3102 ext. 41 or stop by the facility to signed up.

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West Hempfield Township Notice of Public Hearing

06/11/2018 by

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Hempfield recCenter FREE Wellness Activities

05/16/2018 by Manager

Hempfield recCenter to Offer FREE Exercise, Yoga and Family Events in Local Parks

In its commitment to promote fitness and wellness within the community, Hempfield recCenter, 950 Church Street in Landisville, is happy to announce a series of new outdoor programs aimed at providing free fitness opportunities and family events in two area parks.

Beginning Saturday, June 2 at 8:00 am and continuing on July 7 and August 4, Amos Herr Park in East Hempfield Township will be the setting for free, No Equipment Needed exercise classes. Each 45-minute class will include basic moves that beginning to advanced exercisers will enjoy along with body weight exercises to work all major muscles groups.

Following the No Equipment Needed class, at 8:45 am certified instructors will lead a free Yoga in the Park class. Improve your flexibility and balance while building strength and lowering your stress level, all from the tranquility and beauty of Amos Herr Park. Participants are asked to bring their own mat or towel and water.

On June 9, July 14 and August 11, the classes and times remain the same but the setting changes as we move to Silver Spring Park in West Hempfield Township for more fun and exercise in the sun.

On Thursday evening, June 21, Hempfield recCenter invites you to Grubb Lake in West Hempfield Township for a Family Scavenger Hunt with Nature Trivia. Families will be given a list of items to track down throughout the area. Found “treasures” will be displayed and discussed before taking part in some nature trivia.

A second round of trivia and scavenger hunt will be held on Thursday, July 26 at Amos Herr Park in East Hempfield Township. Both events are free, beginning at 7:00 pm, and include a moderate amount of walking. Participants are asked to bring collection containers.

Discover our beautiful parks and connect with neighbors and friends during the new Amos Herr Park Walk for Wellness. Beginning June 5 and running every Tuesday and Thursday at 9:15 am through August 28, you decide the pace and distance as you strut the park’s popular walking trails.

The park classes are new to this year’s slate of activities presented by the nonprofit organization and are aimed at strengthening individual’s, families’ and children’s appreciation of wellness along with promoting a sense of community belonging. They join a number of classes and programs designed for the summer season. For more information on any program, please call 717-898-3102 or visit

Hempfield recCenter is a nonprofit organization that promotes its Everyone Belongs campaign, a financial assistance program available to qualifying individuals, families and children in the Hempfield area ensuring everyone in the community has access to the quality programs it has to offer—because at Hempfield recCenter, everyone belongs!

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Hempfield recCenter Summer Sports Camps

05/09/2018 by Manager

Hempfield recCenter announces their Summer 2018 summer sports camps.  CLICK HERE for details.


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Police Proclamation

05/02/2018 by Manager

May 1, 2018:  The West Hempfield Township Board of Supervisors adopted a Proclamation calling upon all citizens of West Hempfield Township and upon all patriotic, civic, and educational organizations to observe the week of May 13-19, 2018 at Police Week and to further observe May 15, 2018, as Peace Officers' Memorial Day.

CLICK HERE to view the Proclamation.


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Police Awards and Commendations

05/02/2018 by Manager

May 1, 2018:  Each year the West Hempfield Township Board of Supervisors recognizes members of our police department and/or citizens in our community for actions that they had taken during the previous year that are believed to have been above what is expected of them and in some instances, have helped save or prolong a life of another individual.  On May 1st at the Board’s regularly scheduled monthly meeting, the Board recognized several officers for their actions or commitment of service to the communities of West Hempfield Township and Mountville Borough.  They also recognized two officers whose dedication to assist others with debilitating diseases by organizing an annual fundraiser.  Additionally, the Board further recognized a service organization and a local business for their support of our police department by way of making monetary donations for equipment.  



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WHT Police Participate in Mental Health Training

02/07/2018 by Manager

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WHT Police Chief Pugliese onWITF SmartTalk Radio

02/06/2018 by Manager

West Hempfield Township Police Chief Pugliese, along with parent Amy Breslin, and Pilot Club co-coordinator Gail Monteleone (photo from WITF) on Smart Talk, February 5, 2018.  CLICK HERE to listen to Smart Talk discuss Project Lifesaver (starts at 32:15), which is a program that provides people with cognitive disorders like autism or bipolarity with radio transmitter devices that send a signal to public safety officials. Should the person become missing, they are easily locatable by police or health care officials.


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West Hempfield Fire & Rescue Property and Building FOR SALE!

01/05/2018 by Manager

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Medical Marijuana and Firearms

01/04/2018 by Manager

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Prevent Frozen Pipes

01/02/2018 by Manager

With low temperatures in the single digits, we've recieved a slew of calls about frozen water pipes. Here are some tips to help you prevent frozen water pipes in your home:

  • Keep garage doors closed if there are water supply lines in the garage.
  • Open kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors to allow warmer air to circulate around the plumbing. Be sure to move any harmful cleaners and household chemicals up out of the reach of children.
  • When the weather is very cold outside, let the cold water drip from the faucet served by exposed pipes. Running water through the pipe - even at a trickle - helps prevent pipes from freezing.
  • Keep the thermostat set to the same temperature both during the day and at night. By temporarily suspending the use of lower nighttime temperatures, you may incur a higher heating bill, but you can prevent a much more costly repair job if pipes freeze and burst.
  • If you will be going away during cold weather, leave the heat on in your home, set to a temperature no lower than 55°.

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West Hempfield Township Welcomes New Police Officer Gabe Rimolo

12/12/2017 by Manager

WEST HEMPFIELD TOWNSHIP, Lancaster County — The West Hempfield Township Police Department welcomed a new officer to the force on Dec. 5.

Officer Gabe Rimolo, a Union, NJ native who spent several years living in York County, is a veteran of both the Elkton and Baltimore City Police Departments. A graduate of the Baltimore City Police Department Training Academy, Rimolo recently moved back to Pennsylvania.

Rimolo will serve as a patrolman with the West Hempfield Township Police Department. He was joined by his wife and son at his swearing-in ceremony. Following the administering of the oath of office, Mrs. Rimolo pinned Officer Rimolo’s badge on his uniform.

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Online Holiday Shopping Warning!

12/05/2017 by Manager

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A 'Silent Killer' Could Be Lurking in Your Home!

11/16/2017 by Manager




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West Hempfield Township Welcomes New Police Officer Ben Johnson

11/13/2017 by Manager

Benjamin W. Johnson was sworn in as West Hempfield Township’s newest police officer.  Chairman David M. Dumeyer administered the oath of office to Officer Johnson during the township’s regularly scheduled monthly meeting. Johnson’s parents were on hand to witness the swearing in ceremony. Following the oath, Johnson’s father pinned his shield onto his uniform.  With the hiring of Officer Johnson, the department will have 20 sworn officers.  Johnson will be assigned to the patrol division.

Officer Johnson currently resides in East Lampeter Township and has lived there since 2004.  He was a self-employed contractor.  Officer Johnson was home schooled and received his high school diploma in June of 2003.  He served in the US Marine Corps Reserve from 2004 to 2010.  He had been enrolled in Harrisburg Area Community College’s Criminal Justice Program until having been deployed in 2008.  He recently received his Act 120 Basic Municipal Police Training from the Reading Police Academy and is currently enrolled in the Elizabethtown College Criminal Justice Program.







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Frank Burkhart Honored by LCATS

11/07/2017 by Manager

Frank Burkhart Honored by LCATS

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WARNING: Marijuana Candy

10/30/2017 by Manager


Warning from Pennsylvania State Police regarding Marijuana Candy. CLICK HERE

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Why Not You?

08/08/2017 by Eric G. Bachman, CFPS, WHFR Firefighter and SAFER Grant Administrat

            The West Hempfield Fire & Rescue Company (WHFR) was established January 1, 2000 after a consolidation of the Ironville and Silver Spring fire companies. WHFR protects a large portion of West Hempfield Township and a small portion of East Hempfield Township with a pumper, a rescue unit, a tanker and several support vehicles. In 2016, the company answered 505 emergency calls for service ranging from vehicle accidents, to structure fires to hazardous material incidents.  

            The members of WHFR are all volunteers. They are a proud group of men and women who serve the community in more ways than just emergency responses. They promote and participate in community events and engage in community safety programs for special populations and age groups.

Declining Membership

            The number of WHFR volunteers, as observed by volunteer fire companies both nationwide and locally however, has declined.  The reduction can be attributed to many factors with time being the most common. Training, fire calls and fund raising can be difficult to balance with a job, family, and other obligations. Beyond the response side, additional time is necessary to manage the business side of the fire company such as finances, information technology, human resources and records management. Because of declining membership, some volunteers do double-duty serving as a firefighter and administrator. Less members creates a detrimental domino effect continuum across the entire organization which can compromise responder and public safety. Often, assistance from other volunteer fire companies is necessary to ensure basic fire ground strategies and tactics are adequately and safely accomplished. That increases the call volumes of other fire departments and further stresses volunteer member time commitments.

Recruitment Program

            Recognizing this trend, leaders of WHFR, Mountville, East Petersburg, and Rohrerstown fire companies formed a committee in early 2015 to develop volunteer recruitment and retention strategies. A federal grant application under the Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response (SAFER) grant program was submitted.  The SAFER grant supports initiatives for career fire departments to hire additional staff; and to volunteer fire departments to implement recruitment and retention strategies.

            The overall goal of the SAFER program is to enable volunteer fire departments to meet the response time and staffing provisions established in National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standard 1720 entitled “Standard for the Organization and Deployment of Fire Suppression Operations, Emergency Medical Operations and Special Operations to the Public by Volunteer Fire Departments”.  The NFPA is a fire service peer-group organization that develops consensus standards to guide fire department response operations, performance and equipment specifications. Although not considered law, NFPA standards are benchmarks that are often cited as the minimum acceptable performance levels.        

             In July of 2015 the committee was awarded a SAFER grant to support recruitment and retention strategies. The grant is based upon a three-year period of performance (through October 2018) and is comprised of six specific projects including Administration, New Member Duty Wear, Physical Fitness, Awards, Firefighter Stipend Program and New Recruit Marketing Program.

            The initial focus of the SAFER Committee was retention of current firefighters through development of a tiered points-based stipend program. Response personnel earn points for participating in activities such as emergency responses, training, meetings and other operational assignments. Response personnel meeting the minimum point schedule are awarded a nominal gift card on a quarterly basis.  

Why Not You?

            In mid-2016 the committee developed a New Recruit Marketing Program strategy. The Why Not You?  campaign was created and designed to have residents reflect on joining their local volunteer fire department to serve in a wide array of fire company emergency and non-emergency service opportunities. The website along with a Facebook account was launched providing more about volunteer opportunities and an on-line means to inquire for more information or to apply. In January of 2017 the Why Not You? campaign was aggressively reinforced with a community-wide mailing. Customized recruitment materials and booth were acquired and was featured at the Mountville Days Carnival this past May.

Range of Opportunities

            WHFR is in need of members willing to serve in many capacities. Firefighters are needed which is for members 18 years of age or older to engage in response activities to save lives and property for a wide variety of incident types. Junior Firefighter (JRFF) opportunities are available for those between the ages of 14-17. JRFF’s assist at the scene of emergencies and provide other support functions. Fire Police Officer (FPO) opportunities are available to manage traffic flow and access control at the scenes of emergencies and other community events to protect operating personnel and the public. No previous experience is necessary and training and equipment for FF’s, JRFF’s, and FPO’s is provided by the fire department. The volunteer opportunities offered by the WHFR do not all involve emergency response. Administration Support Personnel are needed as well. These members serve in a multitude of fire department aspects ranging from managing the business side of the fire department including financial management, records administration, and human resources, as well as engaging in important community projects and public education programs. There is something for everyone no matter your age or ability to serve.


            Volunteers are not compensated for their time. All proceeds generated by fund-raisers and municipal contributions are solely used for the equipment and facility operations of the fire department. Often times people ponder the question ‘What’s in it for me?’ The answer is “a lot”.  The reasons someone joins WHFR varies from the excitement of responding to calls, to the empowerment of learning new life skills. Some revere being a part of a team or making new friends. Others find satisfaction helping those in need and giving back to the community. Whatever your motivation, your volunteer service in firefighting or administration at WHFR is needed. To learn more, or to start you volunteer fire service journey, please visit or stop by the fire station  So, with all of these opportunities available, Why Not You?

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Lancaster City Water Now in Compliance

06/13/2017 by City of Lancaster


Public Notification Update

Este informe contiene informacion muy importante sobre sy agua de beber. Traduzcalo o hable con alguien que lo entienda bien.

The City of Lancaster is pleased to report the problem of high Haloacetic Acids (HAAs) has been corrected and the City of Lancaster Water System, no longer exceeds the standard, or maximum contaminant level (MCL).

Customers of the City of Lancaster Water Department, were notified in January and April of 2017 of a Haloacetic Acid (HAA) Standards Violation.

After the initial exceedance, the City optimized system treatment by lowering chlorine dosages at plants and boosters while increasing system sampling and main flushing.  A primary result of this system wide optimization is that the City has had HAA results well under the MCL.  

The levels of HAAs have been well below the MCL (0.060mg/L) since the City started the system optimization mentioned above.  The levels of HAAs were 0.033mg/L, for the first quarter of 2017 and 0.0225mg/L for the second quarter of 2017.  These two results were used to recalculate the locational running annual average (LRAA).  The new LRAA result is 0.055mg/L which is below the EPA standard MCL of 0.060mg/L, for HAAs.  The EPA’s MCL for HAAs is calculated using the average of results from the past four quarters.

Optimized system treatment mentioned above will continue to be implemented to keep the HAA levels below the MCL.

Please share this information with all the other people who drink this water, especially those who may not have received this notice directly (for example, people in apartments, nursing homes, schools, and businesses). You can do this by posting this notice in a public place or distributing copies by hand or mail.

For more information, please contact the City of Lancaster Water Department: Water Quality Laboratory, at (717) 291-4818 Monday-Friday 7:00 AM - 4:15 PM.  After hours, the Water Emergency phone number, (717) 291-4816, is available. (Not Sure if we should re-post the highlighted area here, let us get Charlotte’s say on this.)

Notice is provided by the City of Lancaster, Department of Public Works

Public Water Supplier ID#: 7360058

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Police Week Proclamation

05/03/2017 by Manager

At their May 2, 2017 meeting, the West Hempfield Township Board of Supervisors approved a Proclamation for Police Week, May 14 - 20, 2017 and for Peace Offcers' Memorial Day, May 15, 2017.   CLICK HERE to read the proclamation.

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Police Awards and Commendations

05/03/2017 by Manager

Each year the West Hempfield Township Board of Supervisors recognizes members of our police department and/or citizens in our community for actions that they had taken during the previous year that are believed to have been above what is expected of them and in some instances, have helped save or prolong a life of another individual.  At the Board’s regularly scheduled meeting on May 2, 2017, they recognized one citizen and three officers for their actions that saved the life of another township resident.  Also recognized were two officers who had perfect attendance in 2016.  Lastly, they recognized a service organization, a local business, and a high school student honor society for their support of our police department by way of making monetary donations for equipment and the funding of community outreach programs. 

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04/21/2017 by Manager

Groundbreaking for the new West Hempfield Township Municipal Complex took place last evening, April 20, 2017.  Thank you to all who came out and helped us celebrate!

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Dog Licensing

04/03/2017 by Manager

License Your Dog in PA

All dogs three months or older must be licensed by Jan. 1 of each year. Violators can be cited with a maximum fine of $300 per violation, plus court costs.


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West Hempfield Township Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission Joint Meeting on April 20, 2017

03/29/2017 by Admin

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2018 Tax Reassessment

03/06/2017 by Manager

Lancaster County has begun to mail out 2018 PRELIMINARY Real Estate Tax Reassessment notices.  Included with the notice is an explanation of the process and your rights.  For more information, visit


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WHT Police Corporal Ober Recognized

03/02/2017 by Manager

Last evening, Cpl Doug Ober, along with several officers from Susquehanna Regional Police Department, were recognized during the Police Commission meeting for their response to a suicidal person call on January 12th of this year. Each of the officers received the Meritorious Conduct Award from Chief E. Haugh of the Susquehanna Regional Police Department. Congratulations to Cpl Ober, WHPD and Lt Englert, Sgt Smith, Ofc Kauffman & Ofc Rodriguez of SRPD as well as all the officers who received recognition at last night’s ceremony. 

Congratulations Cpl Ober and thank you for proudly representing West Hempfield Township!

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West Hempfield Township Road - Paving and Materials Bid - Bids Due Before 8:30 AM on March 21, 2017

02/14/2017 by Admin

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IMPORTANT Information for Taxpayers

02/07/2017 by Lancaster County Tax Collection Bureau (via Manager)

Important information for Lancaster County residents regarding requirements to file a local earned income & net profits tx return by April 18, 2017.   

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Bids for New West Hempfield Township Municipal Building

01/23/2017 by Manager

ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS WEST HEMPFIELD TOWNSHIP; WEST HEMPFIELD MUNICIPAL BUILDING. Online sealed bids for the construction of West Hempfield Municipal Building will be received by West Hempfield Township via the PennBid Program ( until Wednesday, March 15, 2017, at 2:00 p.m. local prevailing time; at which time said bids will be publicly opened and read aloud. Bids will be received for the following contracts: General Construction; Fire Suppression and Plumbing Construction; Mechanical Construction; and Electrical Construction. Copies of the Contract Documents may be obtained at no cost at on or after Wednesday, January 25, 2017. Each bidder must deposit, with the bid, Security in the amount of 10 percent of the bid and subject to the conditions provided in the Instructions to Bidders. A Mandatory Prebid Conference will be held at the West Hempfield Township Office, 3401 Marietta Ave., Lancaster, PA, 17601, on Wednesday, February 15, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. Prospective bidders may discuss the project at that time with representatives of the Owner and Architect. Andrew B. Stern, Township Manager

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NEW - Recycling Container Information - Township Trash Customers Only

01/16/2017 by Admin

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New Municipal Building Project Moves Forward

12/21/2016 by Manager

West Hempfield Township approved the 2017 budget which will allow for the new municipal building project to move forward...

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West Hempfield Township - Seeking volunteers to serve on the Planning Commission Board

11/18/2016 by Admin

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Leaf Collection - Woody Waste Info.

10/11/2016 by Admin

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West Hempfield Township Vision 2040 Comprehensive Plan Update & Survey

08/18/2016 by Admin

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5/10/16 New Update from Williams & 4/02/15 Update: Williams Partners files application with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

05/10/2016 by

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West Hempfield Township Legal Notice of Financial Report for Year Ending 12/31/15

03/07/2016 by Admin

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Notice of Opportunity to Comment - Bridge Replacement

03/02/2016 by Admin

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Important Information for Residents of Lancaster County-Requirement to File Local Earned Income Tax

01/19/2016 by Admin

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Updated Information for the Proposed Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline

11/05/2014 by Admin

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Proposed Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline

08/26/2014 by Admin

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New Med Return Drug Collection Unit

04/07/2014 by Admin

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12/31/1969 by

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