5/10/16 New Update from Williams & 4/02/15 Update: Williams Partners files application with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

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Update for Williams Atlantic Sunrise - Important Notice FERC Issues DEIS


Williams - Notice of Schedule for Environmental Review Atlantic Sunrise Expansion Project CP15-138


Williams Notice: Regarding Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Company, LLC Notice of Application - Altantic Sunrise Project, SRBC Pending No. 2015-99


On March 31, 2015, Williams Partners filed its application with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to install the Atlantic Sunrise pipeline which would include a portion of the project within West Hempfield Township.


We have attached a link to the FERC website where you can fiew all the documents assoicated with the application.  We have also provided links to maps that depict the proposed location of the pipeline through West Hempfield Township.


Additonal information will be posted on our website as it becomes available to us.


Link to FERC website




Link for Williams Partners Letter dated March 31, 2015




Links to West Hempfield Townhsip Maps