We remind all businesses in the Township that you are required to recycle certain items as mandated by State and Township ordinance. Those items include corrugated cardboard, high grade office paper, glass bottles and jars, steel and bimetal cans, and plastic items with a #1(PET) or #2(HDPE). In addition, automotive repair shops should be recycling used motor oil, other vehicle fluids, tires and batteries.


The Township sends each business an annual request for total weights of items recycled by each business. If a business uses a commercial hauler to pickup the recycled items, nothing is required. Simply return the form provided with the name of that hauler. The hauler will automatically report the weights through the County system.


If your business uses a private vendor or takes items to a recycling center, you must obtain a weight manifest from the vendor or center which lists and certifies the weights of each item recycled. Your establishment should designate an employee to keep a file of these manifests so they are readily available to prepare and return the annual report to the Township.


2022 Commercial, Municipal, or Institutional Annual Recycling Report - Due 2/3/23!

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