Updated Information for the Proposed Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline

11/05/2014 by Admin


Attached below is a copy of page 10-44 from the Draft Resource Report No.10 - Alternatives, filed by Williams Partners on behalf of the Atlantic Sunrise Project and submitted to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on October 31, 2014.

Page 10-44 from the Draft Resource Report No. 10 - Alternatives


The entire report and other information is available on their website: http://atlanticsunriseexpansion.com


A direct link to the Draft Resource Report No. 10 is:



Page 10-44 outlines the Central Penn Line South Alternative 7 in West Hempfield Township. This alternative is expected to relocate the line to the West in West Hempfield Township to increase the distance from the Bridge Valley Development and further away from the historic covered bridge along Bridge Valley Road.


At this time we have no maps of the precise location of the re-route.  We are aware that Williams Partners and/or land agents are communicating, where possible with individual landowners that would be impacted by a relocation of the pipeline.