Hempfield RecCenter announces FREE family nature programs at Lake Grubb for 2020.  CLICK HERE. 

Hempfield RecCenter announces FREE YOGA in the Parks for 2020.  CLICK HERE. 

Hempfield RecCenter announces upcoming bus trips in February and March 2020CLICK HERE. 

Hempfield RecCenter announces their Tri for Life triathlon to be held May 3, 2020.  CLICK HERE

Hempfield recCenter Offers American Red Cross Lifeguard Classes information now available. CLICK HERE

Hempfield recCenter’s 2020 Summer Playground Program information now available. CLICK HERE

SNOW PLOWING INFO:  As we have had our first snow, we have also had our first folks of the season call to yell and swear at our staff!  Please understand:

  • We closely monitor local weather forecasts - if they are wrong, we are caught off guard!  
  • We give priority to the most heavily used roads first and local roads in developments last.
  • While it is actively snowing, our goal is to get keep roads passable, not necessarily curb-to-curb.
  • We have about 85 miles of roads to plow!
  • PennDot is responsible for plowing an additional 30 miles of state roads in our Township.
  • Our plow drivers do NOT deliberately wait for you to shovel before they plow your driveway in! 
  • Our plow drivers do NOT deliberately target mailboxes! 
  • Parked cars and other obstructions make our plowing difficult!
  • Cul-de-sacs are especially difficult to plow and result in a large number of the complaints we receive.
  • Salt only works well between about 25 and 35 degrees. 
  • It costs our taxpayers about $6,000 for each salt application.  As such, we only use it if it will help.
  • Yelling or swearing at our staff does not accelerate the process of getting your road plowed!
  • Indeed Florida does a better job keeping snow off their roads!

Please understand that our staff and plow crews are doing their best.  We are fighting nature and often nature prevails!

2020 is a US Census Year!  The Census greatly benefits your community as a proper count of our residents helps with grants and funding.  The US Census needs a lot of employees to succeed.  If interested, CLICK HERE to learn how to apply!

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West Hempfield Township Ranked #54 Safest City to Live in Pennsylvania!



School is back in session. Please keep school bus safety in mind!  CLICK HERE for more information.

The West Hempfield Township Board of Supervisors adopted a new ordinance on June 5, 2019 requiring recycling in our Township to be in compliance with the new LCSWMA recycling guidelines, known as the Big Four.   CLICK HERE for more information.

How to reserve a pavilion at a West Hempfield Township Park

Hempfield RecCenter is now in charge of pavilion reservations at Fairview, Silver Spring, Ironville and Lake Grubb parks.

To reserve a pavilion go to:

  • Download the reservation form
  • Mail to 950 Church Street, Landisville PA 17538
  • Or email to:
  • Phone 717-898-3102                  Fax: 717-898-2702
  • Contact for more information


CLICK HERE for FALL 2019 NEWSLETTER (Print copies will be mailed the last week of October). 




►Yard Waste Pick Up (brown Kraft bags) is over for 2019 and will resume in the spring of 2020.

►The 2020 West Hempfield Township Real Estate Tax will remain at 1.85 mills. (1.75 mills general tax and 0.10 fire tax).  To determine your Township real estate tax, multiply your total property assessment by 0.00185 (example: Property is assessed at $200,000, multiply by 0.00185 to determine Township real estate tax of $370). 

►For 2020, Township trash service (Republic Waste) fees have increased to $72.50 per quarter OR $285.00 for all of 2020. The increase is due to rising trash and recycling expenses through Republic and LCSWMA.

Stormwater/Flooding: The summer storm season is approaching and we will most likely experience numerous major storms. Flooding is always a concern when rainfall is heavy. Please understand that there is not a quick and easy fix for the recent flooding problems. Many of the Township's developments pre-date current stormwater management requirements and the cost to update those developments is, in most cases, not feasible. Many developments have private stormwater systems, meaning the stormwater management facilities in the developments are completely private and are not owned or maintained by the Township, but rather are owned and maintained by the property owners whose properties the facilities are located on. The Township does its best to keep up with Township owned and maintained stormwater facilities. However during and after major rain events our crews are spread thin responding to cleanup requests. We ask everyone's patience in addressing these concerns.  


WE NOW ACCEPT MAJOR CREDIT CARDS FOR MUNICIPAL PAYMENTS.  You may now pay municipal bills in person or by phone.  A fee of 2.65% of the transaction amount ($3.00 minimum) will be charged for each transaction.  Online Payments are coming soon!


BECOME A VOLUNTEER!!!  Help our Fire Service in West Hempfield Township!