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SEEKING CHIEF OF POLICE:  Chief Mark G. Pugliese, I, will be retiring in the spring of 2019 after 35 years with the Township, the last 17 of which he has served as Chief.   We are currently recruiting a successor.  CLICK HERE for the job announcement.

See the source imageWEST HEMPFIELD TOWNSHIP POLICE are currently collecting for TOYS FOR TOTS.  Please drop off your new unwrapped toys in the collection box in our Township building lobby Monday-Friday 8am-4:30pm until December 7.

DRAFT 2019 Budget is available for review.   REVENUES      EXPENSES

PLOW CONTRACTORS NEEDED!!!   We use independent contractors and farmers to supplement our plowing efforts.  It is getting harder to find people to do this work as everyone hates snow!   If you are interested, have equipment and experience, and are available during larger snow events, please contact Dale Getz, Public Works Director ASAP.  If you are a CDL driver with snowplow experience but no equipment, please contact us as well.

SNOW vs. LEAVES.  It's that time of year again, nature is making our jobs difficult!  We use the same vehicles for leaf collection as we use for snow removal.  Once snow is realistically in the short term forecast our trucks must be switched over for winter operations.   We cannot plow our roads with our leaf collection boxes still on our trucks.   We will continue to monitor weather and make adjustments to the leaf collection schedule as necessary.  Once we convert the trucks for snow removal, we MAY return to leaf collection after the snow event, UNLESS more snow is in the short term forecast.  This is one of our top resident complaints to us, but it is out of our control.  Please be patient as mother nature is in sole control of this! 


DISASTER RELIEF:  Governor Announces Federal Aid Availability Following Severe Storms in South-Central Pennsylvania . CLICK HERE for details.

SALE OF OLD MUNICIPAL BUILDING:   A public auction was held on Thursday, November 8, 2018. The winning bid was $700,000.   Settlement should be in early December.

Stormwater/Flooding:   As everyone is aware, this summer has provided us numerous major rain storms.  Please understand that there is not a quick and easy fix to most of the recent flooding problems.  This summer's rain events are not typical and are difficult to prepare for.  Many of the Township's developments pre-date current stormwater management requirements and the cost to update those developments is, in most cases, not feasible.  Many developments have private stormwater systems, meaning the stormwater management facilities in the developments are completely private and are not owned or maintained by the Township, but rather are owned and maintained by the property owners whose properties the facilities are located on. The Township does our best to keep up with Township owned and maintained stormwater facilities - however during and after major rain events our crews are spread thin in responding to cleanup requests.  We ask everyone's patience in addressing these concerns.  

New Recycling Guidelines:   Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority (LCSWMA) has provided new guidelines for recycling due to the changing recycling market.  HOWEVER, DUE TO ORDINANCE REQUIREMENTS AND CONTRACTUAL OBLIGATIONS WITH OUR TRASH HAULER, WE ASK THAT YOU CONTINUE TO RECYCLE AS YOU HAD BEEN UNTIL OTHERWISE ADVISED BY THE TOWNSHIP.

WE NOW ACCEPT MAJOR CREDIT CARDS FOR MUNICIPAL PAYMENTS.  You may now pay municipal bills in person or by phone.  A fee of 2.65% of the transaction amount ($3.00 minimum) will be charged for each transaction.  Online Payments are coming soon!


The 2018 West Hempfield Township Real Estate Tax has been set at 1.45 mills, down from 1.85 mills. To determine your Township real estate tax, multiply your new 2018 total property assessment by 0.00145 (example:  Property is assessed at $200,000, multiply by 0.00145 to determine Township real estate tax of $290).

BECOME A VOLUNTEER!!!  Help our Fire Service in West Hempfield Township!