Molly Sheckard Retires from Police Department

01/09/2019 by Manager

During the regular monthly meeting of the West Hempfield Township Board of Supervisors on January 7, 2019, the Board official announced the retirement of long time police department employee, Molly Sheckard.  A resolution was read aloud and passed by motion by the entire Board.  The resolution read as follows;



WHEREAS, Margaret Sheckard, affectionately known as “Molly” will retire from her position with West Hempfield Township Police Department as its Administrative Assistant effective January 07, 2019.

WHEREAS, Molly began her employment with the Police Department on February 23, 1998 which has continued to date and spans a 20 year period of significant growth and development within the Township Police Department and its staff,

WHEREAS, Molly’s fiscal responsibilities involved those duties of a receptionist where she would pleasantly interact with township residents on a daily basis either in person or at the reception window; and

WHEREAS, Molly’s responsibilities included the preparing of both accounts billable and accounts payable within the police department for the Finance/HR Director; and

WHEREAS, Molly was responsible for the sensitive work of preparing paperwork associated with criminal cases to be sent to the Office of the District Attorney for “Discovery” purposes; and

WHEREAS, Molly ensured that the officers and staff never ran out of pens, paper and other supplies by  continuously inventorying and ordering of office supplies; and

WHEREAS, Molly’s “unofficial duties” have included being a supportive wife to her husband Scott and mother to her son and daughter as well as being a doting grandmother to her grandchildren, sharing stories of the joys of grand parenting; and being a constant source of support to the officers and staff of the police department; and

WHEREAS, Molly departs her full-time position with the police department to pursue additional time with her family and to pursue a life of leisure, only to return to employment with the police department on a part-time basis;

NOW, THEREFORE IT BE RESOLVED, that this Board of Supervisors recognize the contributions, the dedications, and the faithful service of Margaret Sheckard to this Township and to its residents over the past twenty years; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that this Board of Supervisors acknowledge and applaud Molly’s service at this public meeting held on January 7, 2019, by presenting her this resolution with the grateful appreciation of the Board of Supervisors.

Congratulations Molly and welcome to your new part time career!