2021 Certificates of Appreciation

02/12/2021 by ADMIN

Certificates of Appreciation

 Hillcrest Pharmacy recently opened in West Hempfield   Township next to Giant on Columbia Avenue.  The pharmacy   owner and her staff had worked together at the KMART   pharmacy in that same shopping center for years.  When   KMART announced they were closing we heard from many   residents about how much Melissa and her pharmacy team   at KMART would be missed.

 Over the years Pharmacist Melissa Koehler, who is a   Township resident, has supported our Township staff and   police in many ways, including administering flu shots to our   employees.   This year when we reached out to her, she was more than happy to help with COVID vaccines for our police officers.   Our police cannot protect our community if they are ill or quarantined.  Melissa and her team stepped up to the challenge and took care of all officers who were interested (which was most of them).

Hillcrest has also been helping our community with vaccines for health care workers, senior citizens, and those with eligible health risks. 

Most important to note, as they just opened, they are not yet setup to bill insurance companies, so they have been providing vaccines without charge, although they have been gratefully accepting donations for their services!


 Jakob Kreibick completed his Eagle Scout project at Murray Park in early   December  2020. 

 Jakob plotted the location and species of trees to be planted from the design   drawings provided to him. He then did his own PA One Call, coordinated his   helpers, and planted almost 200 trees at Murray Park. He overcame the struggles of   trying to put this together during the COVID pandemic. Jakob and team managed to   plant all of these trees in one day thanks to the help of a volunteer crew consisting   of other scouts, family, and friends. He also made field adjustments when an angry     neighbor complained! Thank you Jakob for your hard work and dedication to serving   the community