2020 Awards and Commendations

02/12/2021 by ADMIN

Officer of the Year:

Officer James M. Gardill

For his service to Lancaster County as the DUI Coordinator for training for over ten years. The Center for Traffic Safety described Jim as “instrumental” in making numerous DUI and unsafe driving campaigns a success across the County. We cannot measure the number of lives that were likely saved by these efforts over the years.

In addition, Jim pioneered the implementation of the Second Chance Program for the Department. This program is an asset to the Dept and community as it provides an option other than arrest for non-violent offenses where a person is struggling with addiction.

Jim was also appointed OIC for his shift early in 2020, and was nominated by his Sergeant as not only an excellent OIC, but a true asset to all patrol efforts.

Life Saving Award:

The Life Saving Award is awarded to individuals whose actions that, if not performed, would, beyond a reasonable doubt, have resulted in the death of a person or persons.

Officer Bart L. Hollis – Responded quickly during a snow storm for a man who was unresponsive and not breathing. He was on scene without assistance from other officers or EMS. He provided CPR, utilized an AED, and delivered Narcan to the individual. The patient began breathing and EMS personnel were able to take over when they arrived and transport the man to a hospital where he was expected to fully recover.

Officer Jim Gardill – Responded to a home in the Township for a patient in cardiac arrest. He provided immediate CPR, and then AED service that resuscitated the women. EMS also recognized Officer Gardill for this life-saving treatment, as he was the only emergency responder on scene and provided the care that undoubtedly saved her life.

Outstanding Volunteer Service:

Officer Richard C. Bowermaster Jr. – Organizing the Beards for Brothers Campaign, that raised over $17,000 for Emergency Responders or their family members who are battling cancer.

Officer Bart L. Hollis – Organizing the Toys for Tots Program, Good to Give Initiative and National Night Out collaboration (2019), that collected toys and basic neccessities for local families and served our community.

Officer Gabriel Rimolo - Organizing the Pink Patch Project Campaign that raised over $11,000 for Lancaster General Hospital’s Cancer Center.  

Commendation Award – Excellence in Criminal Investigation:

Officer Karl J. Hartranft – For conducting excellent criminal investigations, one involving the kidnapping of a young girl from another state. The child was brought to safety and the suspect apprehended quickly and safely. And another investigation where a stolen vehicle was recovered and suspect also quickly apprehended due to Off. Hartranft’s tenacity and dedication.

Perfect Attendance Award:

Officer John J. Schwab – For being a dependable Officer, here for every scheduled shift throughout the year.

Citizen Commendation Award:

Mr. John Walk - Awarded to a Township resident who provided assistance to our officers during a crisis situation involving one of his neighbors. This was a situation that involved firearms and could have easily become very harmful. All was resolved peacefully due to the citizens direct actions.